Loader Roller Attachment
Contractor's Compaction Dream
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NEW--Holmes Loader Roller Attachment;
Contractor's Compaction Dream

Now you can swap a high-cost self-contained roller for a low-cost, low maintenance attachment in 15 seconds

Why Choose Holmes Loader Roller?
  • Holmes products are designed for greater ROI and are constructed of field-tested top grade materials.
    You've got far less overhead invested and tied up when these units are not in operation.


  • 42" diameter drum 96" wide with ½" shell

  • 9' wide knockdown/strike off blade with height controlled by pivoting of frame on drum axle.

  • Heavy duty tube constructed frame

  • Flat, multiple hole, universal push plate to mount your make/model loader quick attach brackets

  • Bung to add ballast to the Roller drum
    7,500 lbs empty weight with the ability to use down pressure from the wheel loader

  • Easy to pick up, transport over paved surfaces with the loader

Announcing Holmes Loader Roller Compaction Attachment

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