Holmes 50 Cu. Yd. Body Extension for
CAT 740 Articulated Truck & Others
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Productivity Takes Big Leap

NEW - Increases Your Load Capacity by 59%,
Exceptional Cuts in Fuel Costs, Labor, Maintenance

50 Cu. Yd. Body Extension for CAT 31.4 Cu. Yd. 740 Articulated Truck;
Special Application for Light Material Only, e.g. Ash, Coal, Garbage, Etc.
Ideal also for Other Major Brands...

Specifications and Features on CAT 740

  • Capacity: Customized For Light Material 50 Cu Yd Heaped SAE 2:1, 41 Cu. Yd Struck.
  • Dimensions: Body Side Height 13’- 2”, Width Std 740, Length Increase 6” over Std CAT
    740; [May vary with other brands].
  • Body Sides: Laminated Flat Exterior& Interior Panels with Tubular Top Rail. Maximum
    Strength, Avoids “Carry Back”.
  • Head Board: Removable, Bolts on Reinforced and Shielded CAT 740 Headboard,
    Rugged and Limits” Carry Back”.
  • Tailgate: Full Height Top Hinged with Links For Max Opening. Latches To and
    Reinforces Body when Locked.
  • Tailgate Hydraulics: Auto Opening & Closing, Adjustable Speed Control, Integrated with
    Body Hoist Hydraulics.
  • Applications: Limited For Use Within & Not to Exceed Truck Manufactures Specifications
    or Applications.
  • Options: Customized Capacity and Attachments on Request.
 Replacement Parts Available